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Nigerian RnB and Afropop singer, AZIEN has released his first ever body of work “Convo With Eleda THE EP.
Azien’s latest project, ‘Convo With Eleda’ consists of 5 solid tracks and a bonus track to make it a 6 track EP.
Working on the project, He also has the best hands-on productions, DAWIE and DOPEWORM, with DoomzDey4u mixing and mastering all the songs that helped deliver this EP with first-class songs..


1.Azien Ola-Yolo-DOWNLOAD MP3

2.Azien Ola-You know-DOWNLOAD MP3

3.Azien Ola-Parte-DOWNLOAD MP3

4.Azie Ola-Dangerous-DOWNLOAD MP3

5.Azien Ola-Convo-With ELeda-DOWNLOAD MP3

6.Azien Ola-Raybekah-DOWNLOAD MP3

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