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How to unblock your website URL within 24 hours

Many bloggers and publishers have been looking for the best tips on how to unblock their website URL on Facebook,but I assure you here is the tips and steps that worked for me..

Before we continue on the steps to unblock your website URL on Facebook let’s check this out:-

Why my website URL was blocked by Facebook

Here are the following reasons why Facebook blocked your URL and stopped you from posting contents on Facebook.

1.Your URL or content was marked as spam

2.Your content bleaches Facebook community standard , Facebook blocked content that bleaches their community standard to help keep Facebook safe for everyone.

How to avoid your URL been blocked by Facebook

1.Don’t share content that does not match Facebook community standard to avoid been blocked

2.Don’t share one content more that 3times in 5 minutes with one facebook account..

Here are steps to unblock your website URL on Facebook


Facebook Debugger tool.

Check out the Facebook debugger tool to know if facebol really blocked your URL

If you debug your URL and it dishes out this error then don’t be afraid just click on the “Let us Know ” button and you will be redirected to a page where you will submit an appeal to Facebook support team to unblock your website URL, more over make sure you write a good appeal that hit them to the most part,after sending the appeal to them just wait for 24-48 hours for their feedback..


Facebook Live Chart 

Here is the wonderful step that worked for me just visitFacebook business Support

Note!! For the facebook live chart button to show on this page you must make sure you have spend some token on facebook Ads, I mean you must run a Facebook Ads first.

Click the “Get Started” button , continue to tap you will see a button under “Chart with facebook agent” click the button and fill the form that dishes out.

Once you are done you will be redirected to your messanger chart where a facebook agent will join you faster for a live chart

Explain your URL problem to him and appeal to him to help you unblock your website URL on Facebook

If you are having problem on any of those steps kindly contact us +2347055468955 to get your URL unblocked within 24 hours for a token.


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